7 traits that prove Filipinos are truly hospitable

7 traits that prove Filipinos are truly hospitable
27 Feb 2015

The Philippines is not only known for its breath-taking sceneries and rich cultures but also for the hospitality of its people. It is one of the Filipino characteristics that stand out among other races. In fact, this is a common knowledge around the world, especially to foreigners who have travelled in the country.

Have you experienced how hospitable Filipinos are? And what really makes it exceptional among other races? Here’s a few:

1. Filipinos are always willing to assist and make friends with travellers making them real endearing. They are warm and friendly, enthusiastic and easy-going. They love to laugh and socialize. They are a happy race, regardless of poverty, hardships and tragedies.

2. When they expect visitors, they will clean the whole area of their home and would prepare everything you need to ensure you will have a pleasant stay.

3. Filipinos welcome guests with open arms with the very famous line “feel at home”, and if for some foreigners the usual greetings is “how are you?”, with Pinoys it’s always “have you eaten already?” They want to make sure that you’re okay and you are comfortable.


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4. When you arrive in a Filipino home during mealtime, they would gladly welcome you and would share whatever food they have on their table. While this seems awkward in other parts of the world, this simple act of hospitality is natural for Pinoys because failure to invite guests to eat with them is considered rude in Filipino customs.

5. When you stay at their home, you will experience royalty and comfort. They will let you sleep in their bedroom even if it would mean that they would be sleeping in the couch or sofa. They willingly do this just to give you the most relaxed sleep while you are with them.

6. Filipinos always give their best every time a guest arrives. You will see this trait the moment you land in the country. You will be greeted warmly at the airport, hotels, restaurants, and just about everywhere you go. You will be given much attention with a top-level service rendered.

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Photo from Philippine Tourist Attractions

7. Pinoys are happy people who would give you spontaneous but from the heart smile. They would talk nicely and would love to establish a good rapport with you.

For Filipinos, entertaining visitors and serving other people means a promise of true friendship, regardless of nationality, race, culture and beliefs. This is why Pinoys give meaning to hospitality in a whole different level.

Undeniably, the Philippines has very a good quality service, thanks in large for their unique acceptance of visitors. What is more amazing is despite the struggling economy and rising poverty in the country, Pinoys are still and would likely will always be positive and kind. They handle problems so uniquely that even if they stumble and fall, their good traits would still be there.

Have you experienced the Filipino culture already? If not, come visit us and experience the Filipino hospitality that we are all proud of!


Nancy Almasco

Nancy is a freelance blogger who loves to write anything that captures the heart and imaginations of people.

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